Advice for hardware hackers blog

Written by: Anna Verkhovskaya

Preface: Huge thank you to Charles Holtforster, Ravi Rahman, Will Clark, Sanjeevani Lakshivarahan, Advait Maybhate, Kristine Clarin, Winny Yang, and Anton Chow for their input on this article! It was a group effort.

This is a list of tips and tricks that I’ve learned over my…

Written by: Sabrina Cao

Free food. Restless engineers. Flashy sponsor booths. Free swag. For all of you who are unfamiliar with the hackathon world, it may seem mysterious, exclusively for software developers, and even intimidating. The inspiration to write this blog came to me after watching an episode of Start-Up

Written by: Kristine Clarin

The last 8 months have been interesting, to say the least. Adjusting to the remote lifestyle hasn’t been the easiest for many. Although there are many things we would prefer to do in-person, there are new opportunities for you to make the most out of your…

Written by: Advait Maybhate

What does it mean to succeed at hackathons? Winning a prize? Making new friends? Getting free food and swag? Meeting sponsors? Learning new skills?

Why not all of the above? Regardless of what hackathon you attend, where it be virtual or in-person, your definition of success…

Hack the North

3,000+ students from across the globe join us at Hack the North, Canada’s biggest hackathon, for 36 hours ofdreaming big and building incredible projects.

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